RAHA project explorer

The Refugee Affected and Hosting Areas (RAHA) programme is an important element of the Solutions Strategy for Afghan Refugees (SSAR) in Pakistan. The programme contains many small joint venture projects between the Government of Pakistan, UN agencies, national & international NGOs and communities in areas where Afghan refugees are living or have lived.

Since 2009, 4,185 projects have been completed by over 90 organisations. To find out more about specific RAHA projects use the links below to search for projects, view the projects on a map or analyse overall project implementation.

Improving education facilities in Killa Abdullah (Balochistan)

Provision of furniture and science equipment in GHS Anayatullah Karez

Drinking water supply project in Swabi (KP)

Construction of hand pump in Jamalabad

Greenhouse installation in Killa Saifullah (Balochistan)

Improving household income through diversified livelihood opportunities in Killi New Kashmir

Expansion of skill development centres in Pishin (Balochistan)

Motorcycle repair is one of the skills taught at the skill development centres in UC Lore Karaiz

Street improvements in Pishin (Balochistan)

Construction of street pavement and drains in Killi Tarata

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