Test browser setup

This website using a number of standard internet tech to provide the full range of functionality required. This page conducts seven simple tests to ascertain whether or not each of these functions is available in your current browser. Where an issue is identified, a brief explanation of the cause and suggestions for its resolution are made. For any more detailed questions or support, please email your queries to unhcr.pakimteam@gmail.com.

1. JavaScript        Not active To provide a rich user experience, many of the pages in this website rely on JavaScript to improve the responsiveness of the tasks being conducted. For example, on the data entry forms, most data validation is conducted using JavaScript as soon as a specific item of information has been entered. In fact, many of the browser tests on this page also rely on JavaScript.

Javascript underpins much of the modern internet and if a warning is shown here it is likely because Javascript has been disabled in your browser. Search your browsers help and admin pages to reactivate JavaScript if you want to continue viewing this website.

If the version of JavaScript is less than 1.6, it is likely because your browser software has not been updated and to update this software, simply visit your browser developers website and download the latest version.

2. Javascript and CSS files are up-to-date        Out of date This test checks that the static library files used in this website e.g. JavaScript and CSS are all up-to-date. If not, it is most probably because an older version of one or more of the files is cached locally in your browser.

To update your browser's cache, press "ctrl" and "f5" at the same time. This should cause all of the static pages for this website to completely reload and this error will dissapear.
3. SSL connection available        Not tested For your security, this site uses SSL certificates when required. This test checks whether you have the necessary root certificates installed on your computer. If not, please follow the instructions in point c on the help page.

Once you have reopened your browser, revisit this page and check that this warning has disappeared.
4. HTML 5        Not available HTML 5 provides extremely rich user interface functionality including the ability to edit images directly in a web browser. If this is highlighted here as an error, it is likely that HTML 5 is disabled in your browser or that your browser is not compatible with this website. Chrome, Firefox and Opera are all recommended for this website. Internet Explorer version 12 and above also works ok.
5. Cookies        Disabled Cookies are small textual bits of information which are stored to support functions that require persistence in your browser.

In this website, a unique identifier for your current session is stored. Without this, the website will not behave as expected.

This unique identifier is the only information that this website stores in a cookie on your computer and is completely anonymous.

If cookies are disabled, you can re-enable them in the administration pages of your web browser.

6. Local Storage        Disabled Similar to the cookies, most modern browsers also allow the storage of more persistent information locally. In order to optimise the performance of this website, an anonymised unique identifier for your computer is stored locally.

In addition, data that is currently being edited in this website, including photos (if applicable), is sometimes saved temporarily in the local storage on your computer. Once this information is added or updated successfully on the server, the local information is removed.

If local storage is disabled, you can re-enable it in the administration pages of your web browser.

7. Browser and version        Not supported Even now, not all web browsers are equal unfortunately. Some lack functionality, while others run slower than better designed browsers.

If your browser appears in orange, then most of the basic functionality in the website will work, though some tools, including photo cropping may not work as expected.

If your browser name appears in red, it may still work, it is just that it has not been as thoroughly tested as e.g. Chrome, Firefox or Opera. Any of these three browsers are recommended for viewing this website and currently have over 90% market share. Internet Explorer version 12 and above also works ok.

8. Timezone        Unknown Your timezone is used to localise system dates and times, which are stored in UTC. Check that the calculated timezone is correct. If not, it is likely that the date and time on your computer are not configured correctly and should be corrected.